Cheap Ukulele: What are the Best Brands?

The anxiety that comes with buying your first ukulele carries with it also curiosity and doubt. Some of the most common questions from beginners are:

  • Should I start with the cheap models or will these need quicker replacement?
  • Is learning with a cheap ukulele different from learning with an expensive one?
  • Can I trust the cheap ukulele models to deliver quality?
  • What are the best cheap ukulele brands?

There are lots of genuine reasons to be worried about cheap ukuleles. But interestingly enough, unlike with other instrumentals where the cheaper models produce substandard quality, cheap ukuleles are good enough especially from ukulele buzz. In fact, most instrumental beginners are advised to purchase a ukulele as their first instrument because of how cheap they can get. Tips on Buying a Cheap Ukulele

  1. Have a budget

Jumping blindly into buying a ukulele, either from an online or a physical store is a terrible idea. For one, you can get a bad bargain simply because you did not do your homework well. Also, you could get lost in the wide range of uke brands and end up purchasing an expensive model. People who start their ukulele journey by setting a budget are said to be more motivated in learning the instrument. Because you have purchases your unit as an investment, you will want it to be worth every cent. Although ukuleles can be as cheap as $20, normally these ones look more like toy kits than serious instruments. The general recommendation is to start off from about $50.

  1. Consider the Make

The best Ukuleles can be as cheap as 50$ and as expensive as 200$ plus. So what creates the disparity in the prices? Well, the top consideration for the price of uke is the material used in making it. A better material quality would automatically dictate a higher price. Basically plastic and laminate ukuleles are way cheaper than wood ukuleles. The type of wood also differs and determines the price. There are also ukuleles with fine details like pearl inlays, and the handmade ones, these are definitely more expensive. Improved tuners will also pay more. So really, there are many factors put into consideration before a uke price is set. But as a beginner, you only need the best basic ukelele.

  • Try Out a friends

Once you have finalized your interest in the ukulele and have decided  to try it out, find a loved one or co-worker who owns one and try out theirs first. When you start off your uke journey by playing one that is borrowed from a friend, you will discover if you are truly passionate about this musical instrument or if it was just a passing phase and you will also be in a better position to ask questions from people who are experienced with the instrument. The Best Cheap Ukuleles

  • The Lanikai LU-21 Soprano Ukulele

Selling for about $70, this brand will rarely skip your sight. It’s made of laminate wood, making it the best cheap ukulele for beginners’ that want something closer to the real deal without stretching their budget too much. One thing though, it might need you to frequently tune the strings if you play really hard.

  • The Cordoba 15cm Concert Ukulele

This ukulele is designed with a mahogany material on the top, sides and back which make it really sleek. There are really captivating reviews that this brand has got, making it among the top most uke bought by beginners. There is also soprano and a tenor size for this model so you are not stuck with this size. This unit also retails for less than 100$.

  • The Hola! Music HM-124MG

This Uke that also features a tenor size will retail for less than $100. But it is definitely good value for money as it has a compact build with a beautiful mahogany body. Further, the Aquila strings that this unit features produce holistic, satisfactory sounds making is the best cheapest ukulele in the market.

  • The Kala Makala Waterman

If your aim is to start off with a highly durable and quality uke, at a friendly price then this is your best buy. Going for less than $50, this plastic uke is both temperature and humidity resistant and very easy to learn and go everywhere with. Summary Although the price of the ukulele that you choose is a great deal, the quality is even a bigger deal. The general rule of thumb is to go for something that gives great value for money. You should be on the right path if you follow these tips.

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