How Laser Automotive Car Cutting Works

Have you accidentally lost your car keys? Or it broke trying to start the ignition of your car? Were you in a hurry to get somewhere that is very important? It can be frustrating and extremely annoying. But then you know how it feels to need car key replacement services. And the only option now is having a locksmith replace it.

Most vehicle ignitions are outfitted with a transponder as an anti-theft device. And that makes it impossible to use another key to start the ignition other than the one that just broke or the original key.

So there different types of key-cutting machines that are used today. What a locksmith typically does is cut a blank key to match the original. This is where precision matters most. Because the new key should fit right in without a hustle or unwanted hindrances that may complicate the situation.

And you might ask: “how can a locksmith do that?.” Here is what they will do. He will create a corresponding pattern that fits the locks internal pattern. And how can he create a corresponding pattern?

A typical automatic machine has two sets of vice grips. It can use a stylus to copy a key from the original one. Sounds cool, right? Of course! What the stylus does here is it traces the pattern of the original key and cuts the same shape. What that means is that the blank key will have the shape of the original one. And it traces and does the cutting at the same time.

And when it comes to using a laser machine, it works similarly to what is being described above. When you think laser, you think precision. Because it uses laser instead of a blade—which can be way more efficient and less time consuming.

And there are some perks that a laser can easily do. It can be easily used to add dimples to the keys surface. And that is needed in some cases in today’s sophisticated vehicle systems, right?

So how a locksmith does a locksmith know the code for cutting car keys?


Here is how he does it. the locksmith needs to enter the code, manually, into the machine if the original key is lost or unavailable or probably inaccessible as this case may be. He can also insert a card with the details. The machine will then create the new key by itself. This method is what is preferred because it is the better method.


Then the automotive locksmith programs it after the new key is fully cut. You can then use it to start your car. But this is not applicable to all automobiles. Some require you to meet the manufacturer of the vehicle to have a spare key readily available—yes, most manufactures do have it.


And that concludes our quick article about how car key cutting works. As you can see there is not much to it, but it still takes time and effort to get good at cutting car keys. When you need car keys be sure to locate an automotive locksmith that has what it takes to provide you with the upmost professional car key cutting services.

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